Updated Guidelines for Masses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Español abajo)

Mass Schedule: Weekend Masses – Saturdays, 6pm (English); Sundays, 9:30am (English), 12:15pm (Spanish); Weekday Masses – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at noon; Wednesday, Eucharistic Adoration/Benediction at 5pm, Mass at 6pm.

Safety Measures:

  1. You are encouraged to wear a mask to protect everyone.
  2. We plan to have someone at each entrance to open the doors for everyone (Volunteers are welcome). Plan to arrive at the latest 5 minutes before Mass, so you do not have to touch door handles. Inner doors will remain open before and after Mass. Need to remain closed during Mass to keep cool air.
  3. Bulletins will be handed out by a greeter with gloves.  
  4. There will be no holy water in the fonts.
  5. There will be blue tapes behind pews to indicate seating positions. Kindly sit facing a blue tape. Ushers will be handy to adjust some blue tape spacing based on some family sizes. If all positions have been taken by the time you arrive, you are welcome to join the next Mass or worship from home.
  6. Thanks to one of one of us, we now have long-handled baskets. Therefore, we will have our regular offertory collection during Mass.
  7. There will be no hymn books in the pews and there will be no singing of hymns. Instead, hymns will be played from the sound system and we are welcome to join quietly from our hearts. We will be projecting some of the responses and commons of the Mass on a screen.
  8. The sign of peace will be by a wave of hands.
  9. Holy Communion is only in one form, the Sacred Host. Reception is by hand. Those wanting to receive in the tongue will, however, not be refused. There will be only one line for communion. There will be blue tapes on the floor to mark interpersonal distances in the Communion line.  
  10. The faithful should remove their masks before coming forward for Holy Communion.
  11. There will be no receiving of Holy Communion with gloves.
  12. We encourage people to use our sanitizer stations as needed.
  13. Needing to visit the restroom, take a sheet of disinfectant wipe, available in the narthex, for opening all doors leading to and back from the parish hall/restroom. Dispose properly, once back in the narthex.
  14. Socializing and visiting after Mass need be done with a good distance.
  15. We welcome volunteers to help us disinfect the Church after each Mass.
  16. If feeling sick or uncomfortable coming to Mass yet, it is better to stay home and join us online. Livestream of our Masses will continue as usual.
  17. If unsure and concerned about crowds at weekend Masses, kindly come to weekday Masses.
  18. Note that the priest is not allowed to wear a mask or gloves during the Mass. We erroneously did it before, but not anymore. However, we will take all precautions to ensure both due reverence and safety in the consecration and ministering of the Most Holy Eucharist.  

We are glad to be back together. May God keep all of us safe.  God bless you all.

Fr. Paulinus

Pautas actualizadas para las Misas durante la pandemia de COVID-19

Horario de Misas: Misas de fin de semana – sábados, 6pm (inglés); Domingos, 9:30 am (inglés), 12:15 pm (español); Durante la semana: lunes, martes, jueves y viernes al mediodía; Miércoles, Adoración / Bendición Eucarística a las 5pm, Misa a las 6pm.

Medidas de seguridad:

1. Se le recomienda usar una máscara para proteger a todos.

2. Planeamos tener a alguien en cada entrada para abrir las puertas a todos (los voluntarios son bienvenidos). Planee llegar a más tardar 5 minutos antes de la misa, para no tener que tocar las manijas de las puertas. Las puertas interiores permanecerán abiertas antes y después de la misa. Necesitan permanecer cerradas durante la misa para mantener el aire fresco.

3. Los boletines serán entregados por un recibidor con guantes.

4. No habrá agua bendita en las fuentes.

5. Habrá cintas azules detrás de los bancos para indicar las posiciones de los asientos. Amablemente siéntese frente a una cinta azul. Los ujieres serán útiles para ajustar el espaciado de la cinta azul en función de algunos tamaños familiares. Si todas las posiciones han sido tomadas cuando llegue, puede unirse a la próxima misa o adorar desde casa.

6. Gracias a uno de nosotros, ahora tenemos cestas de mango largo. Por lo tanto, tendremos nuestra colección de ofertorio regular durante la misa.

7. No habrá libros de himnos en los bancos y no se cantarán himnos. Proyectaremos algunas de las respuestas y los comunes de la Misa en una pantalla.

8. El signo de la paz será por un movimiento de manos.

9. La Sagrada Comunión es solo en una forma, la Sagrada Hostia. La recepción es a mano. Aquellos que quieran recibir en la lengua, sin embargo, no serán rechazados. Solo habrá una línea para la comunión. Habrá cintas azules en el piso para marcar las distancias interpersonales en la línea de Comunión.

10. Los fieles deben quitarse las máscaras antes de presentarse a la Santa


11. No habrá recepción de la Sagrada Comunión con guantes.

12. Alentamos a las personas a usar nuestras estaciones de desinfección según sea necesario.

13. Si necesita visitar el baño, tome una hoja de toallita desinfectante, disponible en el nártex, para abrir todas las puertas que conducen hacia y desde el salón parroquial / baño. Deseche correctamente, una vez de vuelta en el nártex.

14. La socialización y las visitas después de la misa deben realizarse a una buena distancia.

15. Damos la bienvenida a voluntarios para ayudarnos a desinfectar la Iglesia después de cada misa.

16. Si todavía se siente enfermo o incómodo al asistir a Misa, es mejor quedarse en casa y unirse a nosotros en línea. La transmisión en vivo de nuestras misas continuará como de costumbre.

17. Si no está seguro y le preocupan las multitudes en las misas de fin de semana, por favor venga a las misas entre semana.

18. Tenga en cuenta que al sacerdote no se le permite usar una máscara o guantes durante la misa. Lo hicimos erróneamente antes, pero ya no. Sin embargo, tomaremos todas las precauciones para garantizar la debida reverencia y seguridad en la consagración y el ministerio de la Santísima Eucaristía.

Estamos contentos de estar de vuelta juntos. Que Dios nos mantenga a todos a salvo. Dios les bendiga a todos.

Padre Paulinus


We thank God for being able to reopen our church for Mass, starting this Monday, May 25, 2020. The Bishops wisely followed the government guidelines to close the churches for our safety and good health. As we reopen slowly, we will have to do everything to ensure maximum protection for all our parishioners coming to Mass. The situation has been described as a war against an invisible enemy, and it remains so. A good number of our parishioners are at high risk regarding this disease. We will, therefore, strictly follow the CDC general safety guidelines for gathering. 

We will always spread out as much as possible based on the number of people in church at any time. The sign of peace will be by a wave of hands; the virus cannot take away our joyful sharing of peace with one another. As before, the Holy Communion is only in one form, the Sacred Host, and by hand only. We encourage people to use our sanitizer stations as needed. If for some reason, you are not comfortable coming to church yet, the diocesan administrator has extended the dispensation from the Sunday obligation through June. Kindly worship from home as we keep everyone in our prayers.

Our usual Mass schedule for weekdays and Sundays will fall back in place, at noon daily, except Wednesday. On Wednesdays, we begin our usual Adoration/Benediction at 5:00pm and Mass at 6:00pm. On Sundays, 9:30am (English) and 12:15pm (Spanish). We will be communicating the new dates for our First Communion and Confirmation. The Solemnity of Ascension, according the diocese of Savannah practice, is moved from Thursday to this Sunday, May 24.

“After conferring with the College of Consultors, I would like to announce today that in the Diocese of Savannah, the suspension of the public celebration of Holy Mass will be lifted on Monday, May 25, 2020, while the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday mass will remain in place at least through July 27, 2020. The churches will reopen at the discretion of the Pastor on Monday, May 25, 2020 for personal prayer and daily mass.” —Very Rev. Daniel F. Firmin, Administrator, Diocese of Savannah

As we keep everybody in our prayers, we appreciate your offertory support to our parish by mail: 807 3rd St South, Cordele, GA 31015. The Diocese has also made it possible for you do online giving by visiting: https://apps.diosav.org/online-giving

Please make sure you select Cordele- St. Theresa and it will be sent to our Parish.

God Bless you all!


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Mass Schedule

Weekly Mass Schedule

Sunday          9:30 am English                    12:15 pm Spanish

Monday        12:00 pm
Tuesday        12:00 pm
Wednesday  6:00 pm (Holy Hour begins at 5:00 pm)
Thursday      12:00 pm
Friday           12:00 pm

Saturday Vigil 6:00 pm


Sunday         8:45 to 9:15 am  &  11:30 am to 12:00 pm

Wednesday  5:00 to 5:45 pm

About Us


We are a warm, vibrant Roman Catholic Church located in Cordele, GA as part of the Diocese of Savannah. Our parish represents a rich diversity of cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Though we are small, we are a friendly, welcoming community. We are dedicated to witnessing our faith through worship, education, evangelization and nurturing our faith family through parish life and Christian service. Our motto is that of our patroness, St. Theresa of Lisieux: “to do little things with great love.” We invite you to join us for Mass!

Our History

St. Theresa’s “Church of the Little Flower” has a varied and humble history. Her origins began at a time in history shorty after the time of the death of her patroness St. Therese of Lisieux, who had a great love for missionaries and the small missions that they served. While wanting to be a missionary herself, the cloistered Carmelite nun vowed that one day when she went to heaven, she would fly to the missions and assist them with her prayers. She wrote in her autobiography, “There will be no longer any cloister and grilles and my soul will be able to fly with you into distant lands.” Continue reading “Our History”