Prayer List


Please keep the following people in your prayers:

Felipe Alvarez

Megan Birdsong

Tom Brian

Noah Burgamy

Blanche Carter

Eric Deetz

Remy DeVoe

Repose of Doreen Detpowicz

Lea Fitzgibbons Donaldson

Repose of Fr. John Paul Ezeonyido

John C. Drake-Jennings

Mason Dukes

Bill Epps

Carolyn Epps

Josh Epps

Keith Ergen

Joann Fanning Fast

John C Fisher

Repose of Ronald Fisher

Joyce Fitzgibbons

Repose of Frank Forth

Mark Fox

Agnes Galamba

Joe Galamba

Betty Gambrell

Jimmy Gambrell

Repose of Maria Gertudis

Repose of Nate Gilberts

Repose of Eliud Gonzalez

Jeremy Gonzalez

Dawn Hamilton

Debbie Healey

Candy Herrick

Chuck Herrick

Repose of Bobby Hooper

Randy Hortman

Repose of Pat Jarrell

Repose of Zach Keene

Repose of Laurie Landrum

Bob Lee

Patricia Lincoln

Ronald Michaels

Brandi Moran

Louis Moore

Robert & Linda Morrison

Carl Mies

Mary Ann New

James Odom

Repose of Evaristo Olguin

Mary Olson

Mike Pittman

Alan Pfiefer

Repose of Jimmy Quattlebaum

Andrena Raines

Deanna Rivero

Max Rivero

Michelle Roberts

Agueda Rodriguez del Campo

Diana Rutledge

Repose of Janice Sears

John S Sheppard III

Repose of Ann Simpson

Pierre Smith

Jan Smithey

Stella Sroka

Jan Thomas

Linda Wade

Donna Waldman

Laurette Ward

Jim Wells

LaDon Willis

Bob Wilson

Mary Wilson

Repose of Francine York

Rose York

5 thoughts on “Prayer List

  1. Betty Fischer

    Please remove Brittany Faircloth from the prayer list. Thanks to all for their prayers for her. She seems to be well and doing fine.


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